uhhuh All I Wanted Was A Rad URL And All I Got Was This
All I Wanted Was A Rad URL
And All I Got Was This

Hello, you should probably just call me Latvvia. It doesn't matter how you pronounce it, really!

If you want to talk I'm always here, even if you think it's not going to be worth my time.

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holy shit, japanese vines REALLY are next level

how this gonna be the first time i see an embedded vine on this website

nicolascagesrockhardboner submitted:

"However, throughout the years, Waluigi’s popularity has been steadily growing. Gamervision writer Coop made an article called “Ten Reasons Waluigi is Awesome” stating “it became apparent that the internet needed a lesson exactly how awesome Waluigi is.” they listed such qualities like his height, his self-hating personality and his mustache.[4] Unwinnable published an article called “Waa! in defense of Waluigi. The article states that Waluigi’s weirdness and outlandish makes him a humorous character and that he is a great character due to his ability to often make people laugh.[5] Venture Beats published an article entitled “Know Your Role: The Greatness of Waluigi” that states that Waluigi stands out due to his design, his various abilities and skills and his personality.[6] An article on Gamerranx called “Waluigi: Unwrapping the mystery” delved into Waluigi’s character, his relation to Luigi and theories around his creation.[7]


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only true gamers will understand





I just wrote out the word hella 102 times in the shape of a helicopter please love me

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